The Weston Historical Society collection covers almost three hundred years of Weston history. It is divided into four categories: Objects, Photographs, Archives, and Books. Our Collections Policy (PDF) emphasizes interpretive themes including agriculture, industry, the estate era, land use and open space, recreation, transportation, education, commerce, architecture, suburban development, and social change. You can read more about the history of the collection.

We also collect contemporary items that will help future generations understand what Weston was like in the early 21st century.


Objects illustrate themes important to Weston history. For example:


The collection includes samplers as well as art relating to Weston (portraits and depictions of Weston buildings and landscapes). Because of the relationship of the society, Jones sisters, and Josiah Smith Tavern, the historical society also has a extensive collection of Jones family items including furniture and decorative arts.


Photographs are organized by family name, subject, and location. Visitors use these photos to find images of relatives, explore topics from "anniversaries and celebrations" to "wars," and locate photos of Weston streets and buildings. You can view a list of Photo Files (PDF). The collection also includes many significant family photo albums.

Photo Galleries


Archives includes letters, documents, reports, newspapers and periodicals, newspaper clippings, maps, plans, drawings, prints, and memorabilia, a word that means "things that stir remembrance." View a list of Archives Files (PDF) organized by family names and subjects. WHS is the repository for records of the following organizations:

  • American Legion, Weston Post 214
    • including military record forms for veterans of WWI
  • American Red Cross, Weston branch
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Weston Arts and Crafts Association (W.A.C.A.)
  • Weston Community Children’s Association (W.C.C.A.)
  • Weston Friendly Society
  • Weston METCO
  • Weston Saddle and Bridle Club

Other important collections include Weston schools (graduation programs, building plans, studies, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, and memorabilia; also the John Brooks Collection of school board records, 1950s and 1960s.)


Books focus on Weston history, institutions, and residents:

  • Histories of Weston, neighboring communities, and Middlesex County
  • Genealogies of Weston families
  • Weston Schools: yearbooks, scrapbooks, and record books
  • Cookbooks published by Weston institutions
  • Town Reports
  • Weston directories and phone books
  • Scrapbooks
  • Ledgers
  • Autograph albums and books of remembrance

Weston Historical Society Collections Policy (PDF)

History of Weston Historical Society Collections