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1. In the top left photo, taken in 1904, we see the house called Ridgehurst that Charles Townsend Hubbard built in 1883. It later became the home of his son, Charles Wells Hubbard, and his children.

2. This is a photograph of Charles Wells Hubbard and his family in 1912, on the veranda of their mansion, Ridgehurst, on Orchard Avenue. Mary, in the center, was nine years younger than her closest sibling.

3. Charles Wells Hubbard took over the Ludlow Manufacturing Company founded by his father. The company made twine and other products from a coarse fiber called jute. Charles Wells Hubbard was instrumental in preserving more than 100 acres along the Charles River for public use, including what is now the Leo J. Martin Golf Course.

6. Ann Swann was 22 years old when she married 33-year-old Charles Wells Hubbard. She was widely read and widely traveled, with a lively interest in world affairs and Western culture.

5. The middle right photo shows the Hubbards playing tennis on the grass court next to their house in about 1910. Note that Ann Swann Hubbard is playing in a dress, as women did at that time.

6. The three oldest children of Charles W. and Ann Swann Hubbard pose outside with their pony in this turn-of-the-century photograph.