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Marian Case with children

Marian Case poses with her employees' children, all carefully outfitted in white.


Field School as Weston High School

The school now known as Field School opened in 1950 as Weston High School.


Carl Koch designs for Kendal Common

Modernism in Weston is the subject of two Weston Historical Society Bulletins.


Cover of Modernism II Bulletin

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Weston Through the Centuries

Watertown map Golden Ball Blake House Field School

   17th century         18th century         19th century         20th century

H & H Organ Factory

The Hook & Hastings Co organ factory stood on Viles Street just north of the railroad tracks from 1889 to 1935.

Old Library

Early 20th century photograph of the exterior of what was then Weston's new public library at 352 Boston Post Road.

The Past is Prologue

The Weston Historical Society is committed not only to preserving the past but also to using the past to shed light on present-day town issues. We believe that understanding Weston's past can foster a sense of community and provide a valuable perspective as we plan the future.

Other recent programs or issues of the Weston Historical Society Bulletin have featured the Josiah Smith Tavern, Field School, history of Weston as a dry town, Case Estates, Regis College, and Hobbs Pond and the 80 acres. Whatever form the Society's interest may take, the effect is always to focus attention on and increase our stock of knowledge of Weston topics and places.

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