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For anyone who missed the Weston Historical Society’s informative and thought provoking program, “A History of METCO in Weston: 50 Years,” the Weston Media Center has posted a video of the November 9, 2017, event:

Panelists for METCO program

Panelists for the Weston Historical Society METCO 50th Anniversary program (left to right): David Fuller, METCO Coordinator 2004-2012; Imogene Fish, co-founder, Roxbury Weston Programs Inc.; Don Pierson, Vice-president, Weston METCO Scholarship Fund; Roland Gibson, METCO Coordinator 1984-88, 1989-90.

Four more VIPs

Attending the historical society METCO program (left to right) LaToya Rivers, Weston METCO Coordinator; Theresa Dryden, METCO Liaison at Field School; Cynthia Parker, and Anthony Parker, Principal, Weston High School. Dryden’s three children graduated from Weston High School.

LaToya Rivers and Mary Pughe

LaToya Rivers, Weston METCO Coordinator, with Mary Pughe, former long-time Community Coordinator of the Weston METCO program.

Thompson, Gibson, and Cort

Harry Thompson (left) and Glenn Cort (right) with Roland Gibson at the Weston Historical Society Weston METCO 50th Anniversary program on November 9, 2017.

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The Fall 2017 issue of The Weston Historical Society Bulletin is devoted to the history of Roxbury Weston Preschool and Weston METCO. Histories by Harriet Elliston, Rev. Judith Hoehler, and Imogene Fish tell how a small group of determined Weston residents set out to improve race relations in their own community by setting up a summer camp and then a preschool. The remainder of the 52-page issue is devoted to Weston METCO from its beginnings in 1967 to the present. Click here to read.