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The Weston Friendly Society
Promoting Friendly Relations since 1885

A Few Photos from the Annual Meeting

Friendly Society Representatives singing

The Friendly Society members who entertained us to the delight of all at our October 20, 2016 annual meeting.

Musicians acknowledging audience appreciation

The musicians acknowledging the audience's appreciation at the end of the show.

Pam and the Two Marys

Weston Historical Society president Pam Fox flanked by two Marys: Mary Marder on the left in this photo and Mary Gregory on the right

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Weston Historical Society's Spring Lecture
April 6, 2017, 7:30 pm

American Pluck
Unsung Boston Heroes Who Shaped Our World

Illustrated lecture
Thomas M. Paine

Weston Library Community Room
All are welcome.

Thomas Paine grew up in Weston. He is the great grandson of Weston estate owner General Charles Jackson Paine, who led a company of black soldiers in the Civil War and won The America's Cup three times.

General C.J. Paine Anne Hutchinson

General Charles Jackson Paine           Anne Hutchinson

The title is based on Tom Paine’s forthcoming book, which tells the story of his own great-grandfather and of other individuals vitally engaged in the issues of their time. The old-fashioned word “pluck” captures the daring, determination, and “grit” of these Boston men and women whose stories span four centuries. They include an original settler, a woman banished for her beliefs, a founding father, an advocate for Native Americans, an international sportsman, and a pioneering philanthropist. Some of their names are unfamiliar, but their legacy endures.

Thomas Paine is the author of Growing Paines (1991) and the founder of Boston !NSP!RES, a consultancy focusing on the intersection of local history, historical preservation, and public space design.

A Weston Timeline

For the 2013 Tercentennial, the Weston Historical Commission has published A Weston Timeline by Pamela W. Fox, a 46-page color illustrated booklet produced in cooperation with the Weston Historical Society.

To order a copy at a cost of $12 plus $5 shipping and handling, click on Order Form, A Weston Timeline.