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Featured Program

Brian Donahue

Brian Donahue, Associate Professor of American Environmental Studies at Brandeis and a co-founder of Land's Sake.

Featured Object

Puopolos Mug

We have chosen the mug as our first featured object to point out that the society collects from the present as well as the past. After all, someday this mug will be 100 years old. It is a memento from an important Weston store and an example of 21st Century “SWAG” (Stuff We All Get).

Featured Program

“The Land Beneath Our Feet:
New Tools for Understanding Weston's History”

The guest speaker for our featured program, Brian Donahue, presented the April 2, 2009 Historical Society program, “The Land Beneath Our Feet: New Tools for Understanding Weston's History”.

Brian spoke at the Historical Society on his work with Brandeis students at the Case Estates and Highland Town Forest, and how new technologies like GIS computer mapping software are being used in this research.

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Featured Object

The featured object from the WHS collection is a Pupolos mug, donated by hardware store owner Paul Puopolo. Click here for an article on Puopolos from last fall's Weston Historical Society Bulletin.

Featured Exhibit

“Down by the Riverside” is the featured exhibit in the Historical Society display case at the Weston Public Library (through June 5) At the turn of the last century, an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 canoes were stored in boathouses along the six-mile stretch of the river known as the “Lakes District.”

Gala Day on the Charles River, 1919

“Down by the Riverside” will be on view in the Society's display case at the Weston Public Library, through June 5, 2009. This photo is a detail from a 1919 panoramic view of a Gala Day celebration on the Charles River, on loan from David Kingsbury.