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Map of Massachusetts dry towns

A map of Massachusetts published in 1970 showing 30 “dry” towns at that time.

Working in a Land's Sake field

Green Power program participants working in a Land's Sake field.

Techbuilt advertisement

Advertisement for Techbuilt modern architectural design.

Civil War Memorial

The Civil War Memorial which was moved from the Old Library to the new wing of Town Hall in 2002.

Ralph Jones

Ralph Abrams Jones was Weston's first casualty of the Civil War, dying at the Battle of Antietam less than a month after enlisting at the age of seventeen and a half.

General Burgoyne Plaque

Depiction of General Burgoyne on wood of the Burgoyne Elm.

1898 Weston High School

Weston High School in 1898.

Faith Rand with sheep

Faith Rand caring for Land's Sake sheep.

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