Weston Places

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Field School when it was Weston High

Field School when it was Weston High School(before it was named Field School.)

Interior view of the Old Library

An interior view of the Reading Room in the Old Library.

A newly built house on Kendal Common

The Lane House, representative of the modern architectural style of the Kendal Common neighborhood.

School furniture factory water wheel

The water wheel from the School Furniture Factory on Crescent Street.

Organ factory employee houses

Hastings Organ Factory workers' houses on North Avenue.

297 North Avenue

The house at 297 North Avenue early in the 20th century.

View of the Town Center

A mid-20th century view of Boston Post Road in the Town Center.

Fiske Law Office

The Fiske Law Office undergoing badly needed renovations in 2008.

Josiah Smith Tavern 1952

The Josiah Smith Tavern in 1952.

Oval portrait of Josiah Smith Tavern

An oval framed portrait of the Josiah Smith Tavern in earlier times.

The Melone Homestead

The Melone Homestead on Crescent Street.

Postcard of the Wightman Tennis Center

Postcard with an aerial view of the Wightman Tennis Center.

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