Art Exhibition Committee

Production of the exhibition and the catalogue was led by board members Pamela W. Fox, Rebekah Lord Gardiner, Lisa W. Greenberg, and Mary C. Gregory (pictured right to left). They discovered many items -- some in our own collections -- by nationally recognized artists, which will be displayed together for the first time.

Artists Look at Weston Catalogue

The cover of the Artists Look at Weston exhibition catalogue.


In conjunction with Artists Look at Weston, the Weston Historical Society has produced a 40-page color catalogue with 29 color illustrations and biographical information on the 20 artists represented.

Members of the society will receive a free copy of the catalogue as a membership benefit. Non-members may obtain a copy by joining the Society (Click here for a membership application) or purchasing copies at a cost of $12.00 each. Click here to see an excerpt from the catalogue. Click here to order copies.

The following artists are represented in the exhibition and catalogue:

James Madison Alden Deb Hickey
Virginia Weston Besse Margaret F. “Peg” Kronenberg
Mary Mason Brooks Henry W. Longfellow
Charles Green Bush Gene Mackles
Henry Davenport Neil McAuliffe
Ray Doyle Vladimer Petinow
Thomas Kimball Eaton Jack Richardson
John Joseph Enneking Mary Joe Rines
Susan Foster Olive Sloan
Larry Grob Harold W. VanHeest

The Society would like to thank the following individual and business sponsors for their financial support:


Benoit Mizner Simon & Co (Amy Mizner, Sheryl Simon, Debi Benoit); Biogen Idec; Diana Chaplin; Brenton and Elizabeth Dickson; Bill and Karen Gallagher; Nolan and Nolan, Attorneys; Polly Slavet; Nathalie and John Thompson; Sue and Greg Zacharias; Pamela W. Fox


Paul Arkema and Christine Bishop; Barbara F. Coburn; Elizabeth B. Eaton; Joseph Ferguson; Rebekah and Matthew Gardiner; Lisa and Jeffrey Greenberg; Dr. Edward Heller Jr.; Priscilla Hindmarsh; Andy and Linda McLane; Diane T. Spencer; Linda Wiseman


Michael and Patricia Abelson; Joel Angiolillo and Laurie Bent; Tania and Jack Deary; Susan and Arthur DiMartino; Florentine Frames; Mary and Dan Gregory; David and Julia Harmon; Isabella Jancourtz and Samuel D. Bush IV; Beryl Jupiter; John W. Lamson; Charlene and Jeremiah Lynch; Jean MacQuiddy; Biz Paynter; Personal Cleaners and Tailors; Carol Snow; Alan and Caroline Strout.

Special thanks to Tony Micciche at Florentine Frames for help with matting and framing and to Madeleine Mullin, Local History Librarian at Weston Public Library, for help with research.